The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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The Many Benefits Of Facebook Advertising


1. Huge Potential Reach

Facebook is the largest social media network. In fact, there are 2.3 billion monthly users on Facebook! That means approximately 30% of the entire world is on Facebook. These numbers are huge - and provide the opportunity for businesses to reach thousands just in their local area.


2. Access to Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is an extraordinary tool that allows users to analyze data collected from viewers like never before. As Hootsuite put it, “The Facebook Pixel will help you get the most out of your social ad budget.” Learn more about it here!


3. Many Ad Options for Best Pictures

Example of a carousel ad

Example of a carousel ad

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the picture you include in your ad will have a big impact on clicks and even sales. With Facebook advertising, the options are nearly unlimited, with standard image options as well as carousel ads, slideshow options, and much more.


4. Options for Other Ad Formats

Unlike some other advertising platforms, Facebook allows for a variety of ad formats aside from just picture and text. This includes video advertisements, lead generation forms, offers and discounts, and more.


5. Awesome Optimization Options

It’s not going to do you any good if your ad reaches 20,000 people who live in a different country from you! Fortunately, Facebook allows a wide variety of optimization options to ensure you can target potential customers within your area of service.

You can choose to include certain age ranges, locations, interests, job titles, and much more. Click here to learn more about ad optimization - or contact the professionals at Relevantly to learn how a professional marketing service can help.


6. Remarketing Options

Remarketing is when you continue to seek out leads you previously got (e.g. someone who visited your website once but didn’t buy anything). Facebook remarketing options easily allows you to target these potential customers.


7. Ads Include CTA Buttons

There are many benefits of CTA (Call To Action) buttons in and of themselves - pair that with an attractive social media advertisement, and you’ve got yourself a highly effective ad.


8. Cost-Effective Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available today. See the example below of a one-month ad running at a lifetime budget of $600.00.

Example of advertising budget and estimated results

Example of advertising budget and estimated results

Facebook estimates daily results for each ad. If we look at the higher end of 549 daily clicks, that comes to 16,470 visitors in a single month! All for $600.00 in total - which comes out to just $20 per day.


9. Increases Your Brand Awareness

One of the major benefits of Facebook advertising outside of direct sales is that it simply increases brand awareness - which will, over time, help with sales too.


10. Increases Traffic to Your Site

Many of the ad options available create links directly to your website. When you click the ad’s CTA button or even on the image itself, it will redirect users right to a designated page.

You can choose to send to a home page, to a product page, or anywhere on your site. You can even create split tests to see which pages are more effective at generating sales.


11. Creates Fast Results

Facebook advertising is not only one of the most cost-effective marketing methods, it’s also one of the quickest.


According to Entrepreneur, it’s one of the fastest ways to make money. This is good news for businesses who are just starting out and need to get into the market as quickly as possible.


12. Instagram Advertising Available

Facebook owns Instagram, which is good news for businesses who want to advertise on both platforms. You can advertise on Instagram through Facebook, which makes for a seamless experience.


13. Provides Simple Results & Analytics

Even if you’ve never dealt with analytics before, Facebook provides easy-to-understand analytics and data from each ad.

Simple graph showing results from a one-day ad

Simple graph showing results from a one-day ad

Facebook offers charts and graphs that provide data such as reach, cost per result, landing page views, demographics, and more.

If you’re worried about analyzing the data of your results, consider working with the marketing professionals to help you understand your ads and optimize them based on your data.


14. Increases Engagement on Your Posts

Unfortunately, organic reach is diminishing on Facebook. Businesses now more than ever have to focus their efforts on paid advertisements.

One of the best ways now to increase engagement is through Facebook advertisements. You may struggle to get a single like on an organic post, but a well-made advertisement with a budget of $200.00 or less could generate dozens (or even hundreds) of likes, comments, and shares.


15. Allows You to Provide Offers

Did you know that 39% of Facebook users say that they followed businesses simply to receive special offers? You can use your advertisements to offer deals to Facebook users, and in turn get more engagement and followers.


16. Potential for Your Ads to Go Viral

Just as we mentioned above, the major benefits of Facebook advertising includes increased engagement and reach.

Nowadays, ads have the ability to go viral. If this happens, you may pay a small sum of money but end up with millions of views.

Do you remember this viral Old Spice commercial? We can learn a lot from traditional commercial advertisements about the potential for content to go viral!


17. Get More Customers on Your Email List

Use the Lead Generation option to create forms for your potential customers to fill out - this will not only help gain potential sales, but also to grow your email and contact list.


18. Get Feedback From Your Customers

Facebook advertising allows your customers a platform to communicate with you. By commenting (and even liking…or disliking) your posts, your customers can show you what they like or would like to see less of.


19. Provides Two-Way Communication

Just like your customers can communicate with you - you can communicate back with them! Often times, these communications between customers and businesses can generate engagement all on their own - take a look at these viral tweets from Wendy’s to see a hilarious example of this happening!


20. You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

When looking at the potential downsides of Facebook advertising, almost all of them have to do with limited knowledge about ads or time constraints.

You can work with professionals to help you plan effective ads and understand data

You can work with professionals to help you plan effective ads and understand data

Fortunately, Facebook allows multiple users to become admins through Facebook Business Manager - which means you can work with a professional marketing service to do all the work for you!


21. Better SEO Rankings for Your Website

As a business, one of your main concerns is likely SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. Did you know that search engines don’t just rely on content from your website? They also look at ‘social signals,’ which includes engagement on social media posts and ads.


22. Ability to Make Adjustments

If you send out a flyer or make a TV commercial that does poorly, there’s not much you can do about it.

However, Facebook advertising allows you to make corrections in real time. If you notice something isn’t going as planned, you can adjust your targeting, change the URL, or fix other issues right in the middle of the ad’s schedule.


23. Positive Impact on Newsfeed

Advertisements often have a bad reputation of being overly ‘salesy,’ taking over newsfeeds, or being clickbait.

An attractive ad will have a positive impact on your customers’ newsfeeds

An attractive ad will have a positive impact on your customers’ newsfeeds

Fortunately, an attractive, well-designed Facebook ad offers its users helpful content and has a positive impact on users’ newsfeeds.

This means you’re creating content that your potential customers will actually enjoy seeing on their home page!


24. Optimization for Mobile Ads

It may come as no surprise that mobile use has greatly increased over the last few years. In fact, 96% of Facebook users access the site using their mobile device.

Facebook allows you to ensure your ads will look great on a mobile device too, which is helpful for ensuring those mobile users get the same experience as those on a desktop.


25. Keeps You Up-to-Date With Competitors

It’s likely that your competitors - both big and small - are using Facebook advertisements in some capacity.

To stay competitive and to ensure your consumer-base sees your products too, it’s vital that you stay up-to-date on current advertising trends such as Facebook and social media marketing.


26. No Need for Long Descriptions

If you’re setting up your Facebook ads yourself, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to come up with the right wording.

According to some studies, only a single line or two of text is needed for an effective ad

According to some studies, only a single line or two of text is needed for an effective ad

Fortunately, the most effective Facebook ads contain very little writing - with only 15 words ranked as the best length for link descriptions.


27. Stats Available to Learn More

There are thousands of articles and websites dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the most recent Facebook advertising statistics and tactics. You can use this data to your advantage to learn about what the majority of users like (and don’t like) right now.


28. Facebook Ads Can Result in Offline Sales

If your business sells services rather than products, you may feel like Facebook advertising isn’t right for you. However, that’s not the case at all!

Not only can Facebook ads drive traffic to a contact page, which can result in sales, it can also result in offline sales.

Users who click on your ad will end up on your website. From there, they may find out you’re a trustworthy company that offers what they need, and after that, they may choose to visit your store or showroom.


29. Creating an Account is Super Easy

Our final benefit is simple but definitely one worth noting - creating an Ads/Business Manager account on Facebook is extremely easy! You can do it in less than 10 minutes, and within that time, invite other team members or your marketing team to work on the account as admins along with you.


Elevate Your Customers’ Facebook Experience

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