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Today, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of Facebook advertising services offered by Relevantly.

At Relevantly, we’ve run hundreds of Facebook ads for businesses across Southern Ontario and North America - and have over 15 years of marketing experience!

Here, we’ll look at the three ways your business can benefit from Facebook advertising, and how we can work together to create an effective marketing strategy. Let’s get started now!

Facebook Advertising Services

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The Benefits of Facebook Advertisements


Many businesses are turning to Facebook to act as their main marketing platform - and with good reason.

Facebook advertisements can help increase sales, create stronger brand awareness and recognition, and help you target new or repeat customers!

Continue reading to learn about three of the biggest benefits your business will see when choosing Facebook ads!


1. Huge Potential Reach

Even if you don’t use Facebook every day, there’s no denying that the platform is still a huge part of most people’s lives. In fact, Facebook is the largest social media network.

There are 2.3 billion monthly users on Facebook. That means approximately 30% of the entire world is on Facebook. Canada has 23 million Facebook users, which means over 60% of Canadians are on Facebook!

These are important facts! The sheer number of people on Facebook is part of the reason why Facebook ads are so effective. You have huge potential reach, even if your service area is small!

Let’s take a look at an example below.

Example of a    Facebook ad    targeting users in Kitchener, Ontario

Example of a Facebook ad targeting users in Kitchener, Ontario

This simple example ad has a lifetime budget of $200.00, and is set to run for one month.

We’ve targeted men and women aged 25-55 who live within 25 miles (40 km) of Kitchener, Ontario.

For each ad, Facebook provides “Estimated Daily Results” on the sidebar, which is based off of information such as your budget, the length of your ad, and your target demographics.

Facebook predicts this ad could reach up to 1,800 people per day, and get up to 55 link clicks (page views) per day.

For one month (30 days), this ad could reach 54,000 people within 40 km of Kitchener, and get 1,650 leads - local people who are interested and actually click on the ad!

At Relevantly, we have experience running advertisements for businesses all across the GTA, Southern Ontario, and North America. When you work with Relevantly, we ensure that your ad reaches the right target audience!


2. Many Ad Options Available

Facebook provides its marketers with tons of different ad options available to choose from. This is perfect for all businesses, who may want to showcase their services or products in a specific or unique way.

For example, if you feel like a video or slideshow is the best way to advertise, both of those options are available through Facebook!

Facebook carousel ad example

Facebook carousel ad example

Or, if you would like to showcase a high-quality single image, or a carousel of images, you can do that too. Some of the most popular ad formats include:

  • Collection ads: Showcase your product catalogue

  • Image ads: Share a single image

  • Carousel ads: Showcase up to 10 images or videos

  • Lead ads: Create a video or image, and then send viewers to a form they can fill out to collect customer information

  • And more!

No matter what you want to do, or even what your goal is, Facebook ads are highly customizable and provide a wide range of options for users to choose from.

Not sure which type of ad is right for you and your business? Let the experts at Relevantly help you create an attractive and effective ad!


3. Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Tired of spending money on marketing strategies that just don’t work?

Fortunately, Facebook advertising is one of the fastest and most cost-effective marketing strategies available today.

See the example below of a one-month ad running at a lifetime budget of $600.00.

Example of a    Facebook ad    with a budget of $600.00

Example of a Facebook ad with a budget of $600.00

This one-month ad has a budget of $600.00 - which is actually on the higher end for a monthly ad!

We we mentioned above, Facebook estimates daily results for each ad. If we just look at landing page views, Facebook predicts this ad could get 549 daily clicks. That comes to 16,470 visitors in a single month!

That’s not even including the estimated reach - which could be up to 6,400 results per day. That is over 190,000 people reached in one month.

You can get all of that for $600.00 in total - which comes out to just $20 per day. There are a not a lot of other marketing avenues that let you spend $20 per day, but reach hundreds of thousands of people!

However, it’s important to note that proper targeting and creating a high-quality ad will greatly impact these results. A poorly made ad, or an ad without careful targeting, will not be cost-effective at all.

That’s why it’s so important to work with Facebook advertising professionals! At Relevantly, we can ensure you make the most of your budget.


Why Work With Relevantly?

As you’ve read from above, Facebook advertising can be a great way to grow your business. Social media advertisements can reach your audience faster nearly any other form of marketing!

However, creating an effective advertisement is important. Did you know that although 95% of marketers use Facebook, 60% of small businesses feel like their Facebook ads are failing?

The graphics you choose, the headline you write, and the users you target all matter when creating an effective ad

The graphics you choose, the headline you write, and the users you target all matter when creating an effective ad

Simply making a graphic, entering a few sentences into the headline, and hoping for the best is not enough. Your advertisement could do well, or you could waste hundreds of dollars on an ineffective ad!

At Relevantly, we do more than simply create an image and hope for the best. Our Facebook advertising services include:

  • Professionally designed graphics: High-quality, unique graphics that keep your company’s branding in mind

  • Eye-catching content: Well-crafted combination of text headings and graphics to grab attention

  • Non-invasive selling: Say goodbye to clickbait! We ensure the content you put out will make a positive impact on your customers’ newsfeeds

  • Intentional targeting: Creating an effective target audience to ensure only potential customers see your ads

For example, the dog training carousel ad shown above would not be very effective if it targeted non-pet owners in a city outside your service area!

At Relevantly, we know how to create attractive ads with effective, intentional targeting that will reach potential customers within your service area.


Rely On The Professionals At Relevantly For Facebook Advertising Services!

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